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Mike Fair 07

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It is here! Just what you have all been waiting for! Hot young live artist Michael Burkitt returns from across the water with his unique brand of live art to launch Mike Fair 07. He will be initiating actions, events and interruptions in three spaces in Leeds City Centre. Work will be shown in association with Black Dogs’ addition to Light Night 2007, The 1032 Gallery and theartmarket, After Hours.



BUY is the living catalogue of the latest art from Michael Burkitt. Occupied with how his work ends up in the ‘later on stages’ The Wrens will host the opportunity to engage and invest in seven of his recent live pieces, during the closing evening of Mike Fair 07. The dress code is formal and Mike Fair 07 merchandise will also be on sale and defaced in the course of the evening by Burkitt.

6pm – Closing

The Wrens
Merrion Street

BUY is in association with theartmarket, After Hours.


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Submit your brilliant very short films for…


ADHDVideo2 at theartmarket Friday 12th October 6pm-8pm.

A show videoworks for the audience with a short attention span.

As part of Light Night, theartmarket is putting on its second very short film night in the Merrion Market. All entries must suitable for the short attention span and no longer 3 minutes. If you haven’t already…

Submit your shorts today! – mov, AVI, quickitme, MPEG4 on disk by hand between 12-5 daily to theartmarket, Unit 7-8, The Merrion Market, The Merrion Centre, Leeds. Or post to theartmaket c/o 10 Buckingham Grove, Leeds, LS6 1DQ.

DEADLINE 1pm wednesday 10th October.
Please include titles and contact details.