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‘I don’t believe in painting’ by Toby Juliff

Posted in events, Exhibitions, Leeds, posters by Alicia on February 20, 2008

Toby Juliff exhibition poster

‘I don’t believe in Painting’
An exhibition of recent paintings by Toby Juliff (an Art Historian who really should know better).

He doesn’t believe in Elvis.
He doesn’t believe in aliens.
He doesn’t believe in you and me.
He doesn’t believe in painting.

From his academic world of Art History there isn’t much that Toby Juliff believes in anymore. He paints, but he doesn’t believe in it. And it’s not just that he doesn’t believe in it, he’s not too sure that he even likes painting. But he does paint.

Toby Juliff is an Art Historian, a lecturer at The University of Leeds and Leeds College of Art Design. His PhD thesis is titled ‘The Impulse of Contingency’ and is critique of Modernist abstract painting. Juliff does not claim to be an Artist but he spends much of his time telling Art students why, in a contemporary art world of installations, videos and performances that they should not paint. Yet Toby Juliff paints. He really should know better.

theartmarket presents ‘I don’t believe in painting’ by Toby Juliff, a light-hearted exploration into the role of painting in contemporary art practice and the ways it is discussed within academic circles. Accompanying Juliff’s paintings is an audio collage of interviews with Artists and Art Historians, discussing the reasons why Artists shouldn’t paint. An essay written by Juliff will be available for visitors to take away. On Saturday 22nd March visitors are invited to a collaborative painting event called ‘Can you paint?’

Opening Times:
March 7th – 22nd 2008
12 – 5pm (Tuesday – Saturday)
Preview 6th March 6 – 8pm

Can you paint? (a collaborative painting event) Saturday 22nd March


Photos from the Crafty Valentine’s Vintage Bonanza

Posted in events, Leeds by Alicia on February 20, 2008

Crafty Valentine's Vintage Bonanza

Jonny enjoying tea and a donut

A cuppa and a donut

Sarah and Zoe recovering a stool with the material from a granny shopper

Stool work

Our new zine stand looking pretty with new artists books and illustrations

Pretty books and zines

And we’ve got new T-shirts in and vintage hairy moon boots


Vintage Fair

Posted in events by Alicia on February 4, 2008

To kick off the 2008 artmarket fun times and get our creative juices re-flowing we’re having a crafty little pre-Valentines Vintage Fair.  It will be a mix of theartmarket, RAG boutique and sexcloth vintage lines alongside local and international craft and art originals.

To start the loveball rolling we’re having a Stitch ‘n’ Bitch and Draw-In at the opening this Saturday 9th Feb  12-5pm with cake and tea buffet for sustenance.

Our new regular opening hours are Thursday-Saturday 12-5pm.

okeydoke see you soon!