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‘I don’t believe in painting’ by Toby Juliff

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Toby Juliff exhibition poster

‘I don’t believe in Painting’
An exhibition of recent paintings by Toby Juliff (an Art Historian who really should know better).

He doesn’t believe in Elvis.
He doesn’t believe in aliens.
He doesn’t believe in you and me.
He doesn’t believe in painting.

From his academic world of Art History there isn’t much that Toby Juliff believes in anymore. He paints, but he doesn’t believe in it. And it’s not just that he doesn’t believe in it, he’s not too sure that he even likes painting. But he does paint.

Toby Juliff is an Art Historian, a lecturer at The University of Leeds and Leeds College of Art Design. His PhD thesis is titled ‘The Impulse of Contingency’ and is critique of Modernist abstract painting. Juliff does not claim to be an Artist but he spends much of his time telling Art students why, in a contemporary art world of installations, videos and performances that they should not paint. Yet Toby Juliff paints. He really should know better.

theartmarket presents ‘I don’t believe in painting’ by Toby Juliff, a light-hearted exploration into the role of painting in contemporary art practice and the ways it is discussed within academic circles. Accompanying Juliff’s paintings is an audio collage of interviews with Artists and Art Historians, discussing the reasons why Artists shouldn’t paint. An essay written by Juliff will be available for visitors to take away. On Saturday 22nd March visitors are invited to a collaborative painting event called ‘Can you paint?’

Opening Times:
March 7th – 22nd 2008
12 – 5pm (Tuesday – Saturday)
Preview 6th March 6 – 8pm

Can you paint? (a collaborative painting event) Saturday 22nd March


Mike Fair 07

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It is here! Just what you have all been waiting for! Hot young live artist Michael Burkitt returns from across the water with his unique brand of live art to launch Mike Fair 07. He will be initiating actions, events and interruptions in three spaces in Leeds City Centre. Work will be shown in association with Black Dogs’ addition to Light Night 2007, The 1032 Gallery and theartmarket, After Hours.



BUY is the living catalogue of the latest art from Michael Burkitt. Occupied with how his work ends up in the ‘later on stages’ The Wrens will host the opportunity to engage and invest in seven of his recent live pieces, during the closing evening of Mike Fair 07. The dress code is formal and Mike Fair 07 merchandise will also be on sale and defaced in the course of the evening by Burkitt.

6pm – Closing

The Wrens
Merrion Street

BUY is in association with theartmarket, After Hours.


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Submit your brilliant very short films for…


ADHDVideo2 at theartmarket Friday 12th October 6pm-8pm.

A show videoworks for the audience with a short attention span.

As part of Light Night, theartmarket is putting on its second very short film night in the Merrion Market. All entries must suitable for the short attention span and no longer 3 minutes. If you haven’t already…

Submit your shorts today! – mov, AVI, quickitme, MPEG4 on disk by hand between 12-5 daily to theartmarket, Unit 7-8, The Merrion Market, The Merrion Centre, Leeds. Or post to theartmaket c/o 10 Buckingham Grove, Leeds, LS6 1DQ.

DEADLINE 1pm wednesday 10th October.
Please include titles and contact details.

RED for RED by Julie Fiala

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Julie Fiala coming to theartmarket on Thursday 20th September: RED for RED…

RED for RED by Julie Fiala

Small World

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theartmarket presents

:a collaborative show by Edinburgh based artists
Wendy Donaldson and Paul Robert Penrice*

1st -14th September
Preview event 4-5pm Saturday 1st September

*in conjunction with The Miniature Artshow at 42 New Briggate

Creating two new worlds in the curious space of the Merrion Market:

Donaldson’s ‘Small World’ is an interactive artwork that allows the viewer to observe intimate scenes between characters in the form of photographs then searched for within the actual model. This gives the viewer the opportunity to put scenes into context and begin to create narratives and stories surrounding them. Made mainly from plasticine and comprised of five different `islands’ home to a number of tiny plastic and enamel painted people `Small World’ unites a childhood fascination with small toys, an interest in watching and observing people and the creation of a place to go, to detach from the intensity of the real world.

Penrice’s ‘Fridge’ is indicative of his practice which looks at our contemporary existence through exploring the identity of his childhood home, a ‘new town’ which developed in the 1970’s. Through drawing and sculpture he builds imaginary worlds that combine classical imagery with modern life. Like ‘Small world’ his work distorts reality creating juxtapositions where the past and present meet.

Visit both shows and have a miniature adventure! A path will be outlined between the two venues by our little helpers to ease your journey.

Draw Lots by Gareth Brew

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New exhibition alert: ‘Draw Lots’ with a special late night double opening on Thursday 16th August. Come and check out the exhibition at theartmarket from 6pm, collect your free beer tokens, follow the walking people to Patrick Studios and receive a free beer at East Street Art‘s Social Club whilst enjoying more of Brew’s work, open until 10pm. For a sneaky peak at Gareth Brew’s drawings, look here.


And collaborative drawing session: ‘Draw In’, drawing implements will be provided


Hand me please, an ocean

Posted in Exhibitions, Leeds, new, posters by Alicia on August 1, 2007

Just to let you know there’s something new arriving at theartmarket: artist and musician Jonny Fryer (onward the indian) shall be exhibiting a collection of his photography and texts. It has been named ‘hand me please, an ocean’.

Jonny was last seen at theartmarket during Situation Leeds performing a live sound installation, utilising digital and analog instruments and sound samples from theartmarket space. Jonny has previously performed/exhibited at the following venues across Leeds: the Bunker, the Brudenell Social Club, the Holy Trinity Church and he is soon to perform at a sold-out show at the Victoria Hotel.

Jonny Fryer exhibition flyer

Sea to shining sea exhibition

Posted in artists, Exhibitions, Leeds, posters by Alicia on July 8, 2007

New exhibition of works by Matthew Shelton, ‘Sea to shining sea’. The preview night is Monday 16th July, so come down to theartmarket to see splendid art works and slurp some wine.


An archive of previous activities…JUNE

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Here are posters from previous exhibitions, workshops and events at theartmarket:

Beginning with the most recent…



‘FRESH MEAT’ New Live Art
Artists: Michael Burkitt, Chloe Cooper & Sam Kiernan

Fresh meat-Sam Kiernan

Fresh meat-Chloe Cooper